Research Paper. Have You Or Anyone Around You Ever Been

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Research Paper Have you or anyone around you ever been involved in an experiment that some would call unwanted or unethical? Perhaps maybe even it happening to young children, It may surprise you how often unethical experimenting has been documented throughout the nation no less worldwide, and no less to very young children. This has been happening for years throughout history and still even today. However, this is a very highly debated topic as what someone would constitute a certain experiment unethical, others may count it as perfectly normal. Whether it is the case of Dr. Lauretta Bender, or the ever so famous case of the University of Iowa Speech therapy experiment, you are sure to find various amount of cases of unethical…show more content…
One other case a years later revealed that after 20 treatments, a young boy was overly aggressive, and would soon later be convicted of multiple murders. Although electroshock therapy is mostly what Dr. Bender was accused of, she is also known to have been supposedly treating children with other "treatments". She was known to abuse prescription drugs such as amphetamines, anti-convulsants, and Metrazol. She would use these drugs in hopes of treating children, hoping to gain more success that her electroshock experiments. Metrazol is by far one of the worst drugs that she used, as this drug in particular is known to cause seizures and other harmful side-effects. The odd thing about this case is that although many may call it unethical, Lauretta Bender said she would do all these "horrific" treatments to help kids get treated, and no necessarily to make them suffer. Which is the cause for most unethical experiments, making this experiment alone especially odd. Furthermore, the experiment that most Davenport, Iowa residents are probably all to familiar with is the experiment better known as the monster studies. In 1939, Dr. Wendell Johnson, a Speech Pathologist, conducted an experiment on 22 kids at an orphanage. Although Johnson was the main man to this horrific mission, he also did have a little help from a woman by the name of Mary Tudor. The main cause of this study was to find out what the significant underlying cause to

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