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Animal Farm The classic novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, known for it’s unspoken message on communist societies and human nature has been very sought after throughout its history. Orwell's words have left an impressionable mark on his readers and will continue to for generations to come. Animal Farm is a story of a farm’s animals and their rebellion from their cruel human, Farmer Jones, only to eventually be ruled by an even more wicked animal among them. Animal Farm, written during World War II, reflects on the wartime Soviet communistic government. Different animals were used to represent certain Soviet political leaders and groups of people. From the pigs to the horses, all animals had important roles in the plot development of Animal …show more content…

He was often found saying “I will work harder!” and “Napoleon is always right!”. Boxers dedication to the farm was beyond measure. He got up early and stayed up late tirelessly working. At an enormous 18 hands high boxer was the strongest animal on the farm and towered over all his comrades. Boxer often was seen with another hard working cart-horse, Mollie, and a donkey named Benjamin. Benjamin was the oldest animal on the farm and showed no enthusiasm towards the rebellion. He seldom talked only to give somewhat of a cynical remark, his most famous, “Donkeys live a long time.”. Ironically when Boxer, Napoleon’s greatest supporter and the a farms greatest attribute fell sick Napoleon sent what was supposed to be a vet, but turned out to be the horse slaughter, to come take him to his death. Because few animals could read, by the time it was discovered that the side of the cart which was to take Boxer said “Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler” it was too late. The cart could not be stopped. This was one of the few times that Benjamin broke character, it was he who read the side of the cart and panicked to get the other animals to stop

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