Research Paper On Black Rhinoceros

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The endangered animal I have chosen for this project is the diceros bicornis, more commonly known as the black rhinoceros or the hook-lipped rhinoceros. The origin of the black rhinoceros’ scientific name, diceros bicornis, is quite interesting. Dicero from the Greek word “di” translates to “two” and “ceros” translates to “horn.” Bicornis from the Latin word “bi” translates to “two” and “cornis” translates to “horn.” The black rhinoceros’ scientific name describes their most prominent physical features, their double horns. There are four different subspecies within the black rhinoceros family whose names differ according to their geographical location within Sub-Saharan Africa, namely the South-Central Black Rhinoceros (diceros bicornis minor), the South-Western Black Rhinoceros (diceros bicornis bicornis), the East African Black Rhinoceros (diceros bicornis michaeli) and the West African Black Rhinoceros (diceros bicornis longipes). The black rhinoceros was first classified as an endangered species in 1986 and remained on the endangered list until 1996 when it was reclassified as a critically endangered species. The black rhinoceros was last classified as a critically endangered species in 2011.

Geographic Range and Statistics

The black rhinoceros is native to eastern and …show more content…

(“AWF-Check out the Rhino!”, 2017) Due to the increase in poaching and loss of habitat, numbers declined worldwide. The recent growth in poaching is due to the rise in demand and price for the rhino horn, with the horn being valued as worth more than its weight in gold. The demand for the horn comes mainly from Asian countries where it is used in traditional medicine. This is due to the false impression that the horns have medical properties. The rhino horn is made of keratin, which has no health advantages or benefits. In Vietnam, powdered rhino horn is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is sold in

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