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Summer Reading Project 2017 Ali Mithavayani The Catcher in the Rye 1.SETTING Visitations New York City Although The Catcher in the Rye begins in the fictional town of Agerstown, Pennsylvania, at the equally fictional Pencey Prep, most of the book takes place in the 1940s, where Holden goes "to rest" in a hotel before returning home, and ends up wandering around midtown for three days. The affluent Manhattan he encounters reflects the post-war scene, with New York the unquestionable center of finance and trade. At night, the city's music clubs and bars are packed with people: New Yorkers, visitors, college kids, etc. By day, Holden takes us to some of city's most famous landmarks. Grand Central Station is the largest train station in the world (by number of platforms: 67). Although slated for "improvement" in the 1960s, Grand Central was saved and has recently been renovated into a hub for fine dining and expensive shopping. I would like to visit this place for the scenery and for the lifestyle. I would rather live a fast-pace life rather than a relaxing quiet lifes. As for the scenery, New York is filled with many astonishing landmarks, as well as the cities around New York. Living in New York is challenging on your own, and I feel that if you aren’t tough on the outside you would have an unfortunate outcome, that is why Holden was easily adjusted to the lifestyle. 2.PLOT The End Holden ends the novel by refusing to say what happened after the carousel other than that

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