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In many sci-fi movies, it is often that a huge flying, fire breathing monster burns a valley city to the ground. While the human race has not proven fire breathing dragons, they did prove the komodo dragons’ existence. The dragons don’t breathe fire, but they do attack humans with powerful claws, powerful jaws, and poisonous saliva. Humans live on the Komodo Island with the dragons, and get attacked often. So do their pigs, sheep, and goats. Why are they attacking humans? Since the start of the 21st century, Indonesians have been constantly attacked, sometimes killed, by komodo dragons. While not many of these attacks have resulted in deaths, they still remain a huge problem for mankind. Some researchers of the komodo dragons’ behavior think that the komodo are territorial or they feel threatened by humans. The komodo dragons don’t kill very many humans each year, but humans have killed over half their population. This theory, however, has a major flaw. Humans have placed a law over killing the komodo dragons because they are endangered. Even with humans lessening the amount of times they have killed these reptiles, there are still reports of deaths due to komodo dragons. There is even a report of a komodo killing a 9-year-old boy on Komodo Island. Another islander said, “The …show more content…

Some reports of tamed komodo are in zoos’ reptile areas or even on the Indonesian islands they are originally from. One report that is supporting this idea is a komodo at the Berlin Zoological Gardens. He actually became a popular sight among visitors, because his owner wandered around the zoo grounds. There, unfortunately, is a problem with this fix. Even with every single person on the island helping, you cannot tame all of the komodo. The untamed ones will still attack humans and livestock. Not to mention the fact that you cannot tame komodo easily and they may still attack people they’ve never

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