Essay On Elder Abuse And Neglect

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This paper talks about elder abuse and neglect. In the paper, the statistical overview is given in detail with regard to issues pertaining to elder abuse and neglect. In the statistics, evidences are given with regard to abused elders, population coverage of the elders, and the estimated population come 2050. The population is projected to continue increasing for the elders. Types of elder abuse are given details such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and neglect by caregivers, healthcare frauds, and many more. Furthermore, impacts and signs of such abuses are thoroughly discussed in the thesis paper. Lastly, the paper provides authentic remedies that can be followed to identify signs and find solution for the victims. Keywords: Caregivers, Elders, Statistics, Abuse, Neglect Elder abuse refers to imposing emotional, physical, sexual, or financial harm to an …show more content…

Statistics show that there has been an increase in a number of elderly people as par the census over time. NCEA (n.d.) projects that the elderly population is to continue increasing in 2050 up to a value above 20% of the total population. The increment has been realized straight from 1990’s and the graph has continued with the upward trend. From research studies, revelation has it that financial maltreatment is the most common type of abuse to the elder persons. Aciemo and his colleague in their study reported financial abuse to be I the lead, potential neglect follows, then emotional abuse, then physical abuse, and lastly sexual maltreatment come last. According to the New York research study, financial abuse still exists at the top of the chart with 41 of every 1000 surveyed persons as compared to other forms of maltreatments. Other self-reported forms of mistreatments such as emotional, physical, and sexual neglect or/and abuse had a little

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