Research Paper On Hand Intaglio

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Hand: Intaglio is a form of hand printing, this involves using many different elements throughout the process. First you use a metal plate, this then covers the surface in copper with a roller, and this is to protect the plate from the etching process. The next element within this process is to start the design of the printed piece. This is done by using specially designed needles made of steel, they are made out of steel so they do not react with the metal used on the plate. You will then start to use the needles to uncover the copper below the protected surface, this then will become your design. Once the print has been finished, the sheet of metal is placed in an acid bath made with nitric acid. The longer the plate is left within the acid the more detailed the finished product will be, when handling the metal plate near the acid, protective clothing must be worn. The acid used can burn through skin if not …show more content…

The grease can be applied with pen or crayon onto the stone, then you are able to create the desired design of your choice. The design is then dusted with chalk, this is to prevent the grease rubbing off during printing. The next step is to use a chemical that reacts with the stone a grease, making the greased areas water repellent. This means when printing, the only elements that will take on the ink is the greasy areas. The stone is then wiped with a wet cloth to remove the chemicals that may be left over. It is then wiped with a damp cloth to remove the water, but will keep the stone damp. A special black ink is then rolled on the stone using a roller designed for lithography. This is repeated till you are able to see the design underneath. A damp cloth may be used during this process to keep the stone from

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