Research Paper On How Coco Chaneel Changed Fashion

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Have you ever taken a step back and looked at how fashion has revolutionised over the years? Well, this article is taking a step back in time all the way to the early 1900’s to look at the way that Coco Chanel changed fashion. Coco Chanel was all about empowering women through her designs by throwing stereotypes of how women should dress out of the window. She introduced many trends that we still see within todays society with many of her original products still on sale even after her death in 1971.

One of her original designs in the early 1920’s was the little black dress. The dress was an update for the modern women, known for both its silhouette and dark tone. Since the Victorian times, the dark tone was commonly associated with mourning. However this was soon changed after, with Coco being the one of the causes that made black a colour which could be worn everyday, for Coco black was simple elegance. One of her competitors, Paul Poiret reportedly scoffed at Chanel in the street, asking her, “What are you in mourning for, Mademoiselle?” The quick-witted designer responded, “For you, dear Monsieur.” Touché!

One of the ways that she broke the female stereotype was breaking the social rule that trousers were only for men. When WWI broke out in 1914, many women who worked in manual roles in harder conditions began to wear trousers to the workplace for safety and comfort. Coco Chanel also loved wearing trousers herself, often borrowing her boyfriend’s suits, she then began
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