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Does the jello diet work

-The proper clarifying question would be: "work" for what? For weight loss? That's easy - you restrict your food intake - and you inevitably lose weight. Sugar-free jello technically doesn't provide any nutrients - it's just a collection of chemical flavors and colors and a bit of low-quality gelatin (made from collagen, a type of protein). That gelatin provides a tiny amount of protein your body can potentially utilize. But everything else is garbage.

- It's similar to not eating at all (fasting). At first, you will experience rapid weight loss - a lot of it will be "water weight", as you deplete your glucose reserves in the form of glycogen in muscles (a glycogen molecule requires 4 molecules of water to be stored, so once it is used up - all the water is freed up and excreted). After that glycogen is used, to maintain your basal metabolism and fuel whatever activities you perform, your body will switch to... mostly muscle.
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Muscle is a metabolically expensive tissue and it gets sacrificed first, while fat, as a vital store of energy "for a rainy day" gets spared. There may be some carry-over effect and some fat reserves inevitably will get burnt, but if this Jello Diet takes place for any relatively prolonged period, your body will go into a survival mode and switch the whole metabolic machinery to a mode whereby fat will be spared and muscles will
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