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As I get older, the more I admire the pure innocence and joy of youth. Youth has most clearly been expressed to me in my teen years through the imaginative mind of my little cousin, Kiptyn. Kiptyn has conveyed this to me through many of her daily life experiences. She has also enlightened my life with all of her energy. Kiptyn is extremely curious. She is also insanely creative. The most important thing that she has taught me is that personal happiness is only reliant on your perspective. To start, Kiptyn is full of energy. Most of her time is spent doing flips, cartwheels, dancing, or wrestling with her three brothers. Her energy is contagious. She has such a bubbly and cheerful personality that spreads like a wildfire to every person near. It causes everyone’s day to be a little bit brighter. …show more content…

I have often gone looking for her only to find a bleach blonde ponytail out in the middle of a wheat field looking for some diamonds or a baby bunny. She is always rummaging through her mom’s, her nana’s, and my makeup boxes. Kiptyn is always content to watch, ask questions, and learn when any of us are putting on our makeup. Through this, she has shown me that by taking a moment to observe something new; I will always be able to expand my knowledge on something no matter how old I am. Next, Kiptyn is creative. Her creativity is so unique. She is never afraid to be bold with her interesting outfit choices. Kiptyn always thinks outside of the box and is never afraid to be herself. We always play house together. She always comes up with all of the scenarios. She knows that it is always okay to be

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