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Rimmel London
Firstly, I am going to tell you about Rimmel London’s history, their target audience and how they have become such a successful company over the years including social media platforms.

In 1820, Eugene Rimmel moved to London with him family. By 1834, Eugene Rimmel, aged14 opened a perfumery shop. The House of Rimmel was established. The business then flourished, he developed products such as mouth rinses, fragranced pomades and an ingenious scented steam vaporiser.
Eugene Rimmel sensed the potential of advertising. He wanted to bring his products to a wider public. He began to publish advertisements in theatre programmes. When he died in 1887, his two sons inherited his beauty company. His sons then started building on his father’s success internationally, by developing a colour line with a special focus on eye-enhancing products, such as Rimmel’s revolutionary mascaras.
Rimmel is now owned by Coty, Inc. Their company motto is "Get the London Look". Today, …show more content…

Kate Moss has set the benchmark which consistently aspires others. Kate was born in London in the UK, Kate was spotted at the age of 14. she is now undoubtedly one of the most iconic global models in this century. Kate’s career has lasted more than 20 years, Kate has collaborated with the top photographers and brands all over the world. She regularly features on the cover of the most magazines and has been on the cover of British Vogue 36 times. Kate's also influences the fashion industries and has released her own fashion range. For every Rimmel campaign Kate does she brings her own unique style and personality to it. Her grace gives her an enduring appeal that most people dream of having. She started collaborating with Rimmel London in 2001. Kate has created and launched her own premier Kate Moss lipstick range for Rimmel in 2011 with huge success. She has also launched many other successful collections with

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