Research Paper On Saving Lucy

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In the game Saving Lucy the player has to play the character of a cute little girl who was walking through dark and dense woods with her pet dog named Lucy. All was going fine as the Lucy and the girl were going into forest and having fun until a time came when Lucy escaped into the woods deep inside. Lucy did not notice that the sun had set and it has gone darker in the woods. The little girl went here and there to look for dog Lucy. She was getting impatient and worried when she realized that there existed a small house in the depth of the forest. Although the house looked very creepy and scary but the girl thought to her that Lucy might have hidden inside the house. Now the player has to enter the house and find out what it holds. The basic objective of the player is to find the dog within the old, creepy and scary house.…show more content…
Saving Lucy is an interesting game as the player is offered to play in a variety of different locations. The house has a large number of rooms and contains many creative and mind blowing puzzles. The house seems to be really mysterious and the player is supposed to unveil the mystery of the house and find the dog named Lucy. There are monsters hidden on the house that may scare the girl away but the player needs to stand focused on the task of finding the dog by fighting against the monsters. The players are needed to collect a large number of items which combine together and help in opening the door of the house. The player has to sort out different ways in order to get rid of the monsters present in the house. The player is needed to finish the task of killing the monsters as early as possible and finding the dog for the little girl. The game play of Saving Lucy is highly immersive and
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