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Best Watermelon Juice Combination In summer, people always looking for a drink that could keep them hydrated. Most of them choose watermelon juice. It becomes people’s favorite summer juice. You can blend watermelon and the other fruits together. It would become a nice watermelon juice combination that has a lot of benefits for your health. Watermelon has a lot of water content and fiber which is great to beat the heat in summer, acts as a coolant to your bodies. Drinking watermelon juice can have several benefits for your body. One of the main ingredients of a watermelon is lycopene which promotes cardiovascular health. Here are some of the watermelon juice combination that you can make at home. Watermelon Orange Juice This watermelon orange juice tastes nice. Also, it will recharge your body quickly. This combination could be one of the best juice to make if you have come home after facing the hot sun for a long time. …show more content…

These ingredients are for two to three servings. If you want to make more than three servings, simply add more ingredients. Don’t forget to prepare the tools too. You need a juicer or blender, a jar or a bowl, a knife, and a glass to drink it. To make this recipe, you need to peel and chop the orange. Then, extract it with a juicer. Third, blend the watermelon, mint leaves, and sugar in a blender. Pour your watermelon juice into a jar. After that, add the orange juice into i. Stir well and you can add ice cubes if you want. Last, garnish it with mint leaves. The watermelon orange juice is ready to serve. Watermelon Coriander

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