Research Paper On Woodman's Surfing

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It all started in 2002 when Nick Woodman he wanted to capture his adventures while he went on his surf trip around the coasts of Australia and Indonesia. He realized that there are no cameras that could capture everything, especially the moments while he was surfing. When the pictures are taken ashore, the barrels look different then they look when you are in the middle of one. He desire for a camera that could capture the professional, undiscovered footage that makes you feel like a HERO. Therefore he developed a wristband holding the waterproof camera against his arm so he could videotape himself while he was surfing and share his surfing exploits with his friends. The initial motive of this invention was created only for personal use for Woodman's traveling. However, when Woodman returned to California with the seed of an idea, he realized that many surfers would actually appreciate this invention and it was conclusively a good business opportunity. Woodman was for two years visiting trade shows, looking for the right supplier that would be able to design a camera he desired. After all, he was able to trace down an online Chinese …show more content…

Woodmen was aware that “most people buy based on emotion, not on a rational breakdown of the product or service”.It led him to create not only sports camera company, but also a platform for its customers self-expression of their digital lifestyles. GoPro created its Youtube channel which enable to reach the customers on a more intimate level because people have a desire to share content online. The YouTube channel allowed users to post their life memorable moments with the world and share it with their network. This makes inspire others that by using GoPro they can “be the hero”as well.The content on GoPro media platform stands as an actual evidence of product capabilities and offerings, which generates more sales and

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