Research Proposal And Annotated Bibliography

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Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
Following the “Minnesota Career Information System” that Minnesota has a large employment with 9,582 firms for Computer and Information Systems Manager. There have many opportunities for me easy to get a job after graduating college. Moreover, I like to work on the computer to operate the whole system for a company. I also want to lead my team to bring more efficiently and create new computer hardware or software to promote my company development. My interesting career is a Computer Information Systems Manager that require at least bachelor’s degree and have experiment of working in Information Technology (IT) at least five years. Computer Information Systems Manager also allows people to organize system, communicate every day, develop and maintain products, and manage computer security. This is a popular occupation for people have passion in computer recently. Computer Information System Manager can work in a good environment, but they need to face conflict with many situations and high social interaction. This essay will describe learning about Computer Information System Manager from personal experiment, discuss career goals and related personal strengths, outline questions in research about this career, and provide on annotated bibliography research paper.
Personal experience will show how knowledge I have about Computer and Information Systems Manager. My career is really important for me, so choosing it is very challenging
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