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Department of Psychology

The Course Leader: HMPYC80

University of South Africa


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Research proposal: Why do People Volunteer Work.

I am currently associated with UNISA where I am an honours student in Psychology. I have special interest in why do people volunteer work due to some volunteer work I am doing with a home called Botshabelo and an organisation called Stop Hunger SA. I have attached a proposal for further research in this field.

The reasons for approaching you is because I will need funding which I will use to carry out study and for ethical approval for my study.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Rudzani Mashau


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It’s always important to have direction in everything you do and to have a set up framework so we aim to figure out some way of evaluating peoples ambitions in volunteering so that only the best candidates who want to volunteer for the right reasons can give their best efforts. It is also wise to give opportunity to people who have something to gain from it like those who are trying to exercise their expertise because they will do their best in trying to show their skills and they also need reverences to vouch for them in their future careers.

3. Research Questions

There are only 3 research questions for this study/ proposal which are:

-why do people volunteer work?

-what motivates people to give their own time to volunteering without any form of compensation?

-what are their experiences in volunteering and what do they gain from it?

4. Literature review

A study was done by Birnbam (2012), who looked at reasons why young people do volunteer work. Birnbsm states that, for a young person, having friends that volunteer regularly is the primary factor influencing a young person’s volunteering habits. It matters more than things like wanting to help improve his local community or working on an issue he cares about deeply,” the report stated. “In fact, for

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