Research Review : Trust & Design

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Name: Sai Mahesh Gummadavally Class: HCI 450 Foundations of HCI Research Review Trust & Design In Human Computer Interaction Introduction What does a relationship remains on? What makes the relation stronger? The relation between fellow mankind like a wife and husband and teacher and student, company and a client? Whatever may be the relation, it’s the Trust that makes a relation stronger. In the similar way Human Computer Interaction needs users ‘Trust’ to keep up a relation with the user. An application which builds user’s trust and makes a design (interface/interactions) accordingly will be an efficient and reliable one. Each and every application requires some amount of user trust. The amount varies between various applications. The applications like Bank transactions, Email, E-commerce, Websites, REA (real estate agents) and Computing. In other words Trust is required all around. Trust is not only required in human life but also in the fields of computers and technology. Building user trust is not the same all the time it depends on the application. Security/privacy strategies, ECA’s (embodied conversation Agents), Vendor specific guarantees, accountability techniques, interpersonal skills (like small talk) real time feedback are some of the approaches to build user Trust. Trust and design
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