Research Summary On Hearing Loss Essay

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Research Summary of Hearing Loss
Self-reported hearing difficulties and changes in life-space mobility among community-dwelling older adults: a Two-year follow-Up study Getting older means losing a lot of things. (e.g., one’s hair, eye sight, or hearing). Hearing loss can effect a person’s life as a whole. Polku, Mikkola, Rantakokko, Portegijs, Törmäkangas, Rantanen, & Viljanen (2016) believes that when a person has hearing loss it affects their mobility in the world. They did a study questioning whether older adults with hearing impairment lose their ability to be mobile while they are out in the world. This is an interesting question because it is strange to think that having a minor deficiency such as hear loss can affect your ability to do regular things (Polku, Mikkola, Rantakokko, Portegijs, Törmäkangas, Rantanen, & Viljanen, 2016). The researchers were able test their hypotheses by using a cohort study. They went to the residences of the older adults who volunteered for the research. They asked them a couple of questions about their hearing and used the “Life-space Mobility” to measure the older adult ability of being mobile. The “Life-space Mobility” it a tool that measures the participants mobility in the house and outside the house. They then came back a year later and then two years later to do follow ups on the older adults. The independent variable of this study was older adults hearing ability and the dependent variable was they interview questions and the

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