Resident Assistant Summary

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On Wednesday, March 09, 2016 at approximately 7:30 p.m. Resident Assistant (RA) Jessica Estrada, Resident Assistant (RA) Christina Mbadie, Resident Assistant (RA) Phuong Phung, Resident Assistant (RA) Miki Sylva, Resident Assistant (RA) Keva Evans, Resident Director (RD) Krystol Myers, and Janneal Pennant were in the second floor lobby for their weekly active. Resident Kyle Palani Canacunga was passing by with a shopping cart. RD Krystol approached Kyle and kindly asked him if she could take the cart because they were now only allowed to be out during check in and check outs. Kyle then refused to comply and started raising his voice trying to convince RD Krystol that he would bring the cart back. RD Krystol explained to Kyle that the privilege for the carts had been lost due to people taking them and not bringing them back. Kyle then stated, “You know me, I am going to bring it back.” RD Kyrstol explained to him that it will not be fair for other residents if she allowed him to use the cart. Kyle then said, “This is bullshit, Krystol.” Then he walked away. …show more content…

He then got close to her face and stated, “You know what? Fuck you all!” RD Krystol then thanked him as he walked away. RD Krystol left the active. A few minutes later Kyle walked through the lobby mumbling to himself. Kyle then stopped and threaten RD Krystol by stating, “I want to smash her [Krystol] head into the wall.” RA Jessica then told Kyle that he should calm down. RA Jessica also told him that he had taken things too far and if he had been less aggressive there could have been a better outcome. Kyle then apologized to the RAs present saying that he did not have anything against any of them, and that his problem was with RD

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