Residential Schools Source Analysis

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Residential Schools were systems set in place by the Government of Canada and enforced by Christian churches as a way to approach the “issue” of the First Nations. They were used by the government to assimilate the Aboriginal children into European culture. It is significant that Canadians remember this time in history because it's not so far in the past. We see the repercussions to this day. This source shows the perspective of the Government, and supporters of the Government. On the other hand Aboriginal people may disagree, they are still greatly struggling with misfortune due to Residential Schools. The perspective shown in the source should be looked into considering the government's insufficient response to the legacies left behind by Residential Schools. For example we see higher prison rates, more drop outs, and family abuse more than most cultural groups in…show more content…
As so many people are being trapped in terrible conditions, shoved under the rug, thrown in prison ignored, so much more i don't even understand and can never understand. have forced them into what people feel is a last resort. When all is hopeless they take their own lives. Suicide is the 9 top reason for how people die in canada, and for aboriginals it is the 1. If we look at this epidemic critically and ask ourselves, why would theirs be so much higher

In general the community is struggling, and saying the government have completely fixed it in naive. Other than the issues brought up in this essay they have housing problems on reserves, income inequality, Poverty, poor health, family dysfunction, substance abuse, addiction, among Aboriginal people. They have unclean water, little food, School lack funding, and the list can go on and on. All of this linking back to reserves though intergenerational trauma. We took away basic skills for humans, we took away lives and culture things we can never fully give back and to this day people are
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