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Throughout the long history of the United States there have been many hardworking, dedicated politicians that made our country strong and resilient. During the time of the greatest peril to our country one stood out more than any other. This man was
Abraham Lincoln, one of the most resilient and pivotal leaders we have known.

Abraham Lincoln came from humble origins in the backwoods of Kentucky. He was born on February 12, 1809 in a one room log cabin on Sinking Spring Farm, in southeast Hardin county Kentucky. His father (Thomas Lincoln) was a poverty stricken frontiersman after losing his farm, which along with his wife (Nancy Hanks Lincoln) and other children had to work hard everyday for the necessities of life. Lincoln was no …show more content…


At New Salem Lincoln was placed in charge of a mill and a store where he became very popular through his unique story telling. Shortly thereafter the New Salem debating society asked him to join where he became a very passionate and persuasive speaker (notable At this time the “black hawk war” which was a Native American uprising occurred. Lincoln decided to volunteer in New Salem and was elected Captain of his company. He saw little action during the short war and afterwards he stated that “he had seen no live, fighting Indians during the war but had a good many bloody struggles with the mosquitoes” ( During this time Lincoln’s store eventually folded leaving him deeply in debt. He then worked as a rail splitter, land surveyor, and a postmaster all of which fell through increasing his dept even more. He did eventually pay them off thus earning the nickname “Honest Abe”.

After Lincoln’s service in Black Hawk war ended, he decided to run as a candidate for the Illinois legislature. Despite his speaking talents he was not elected but did receive 277 of 300 votes cast in his home precinct in New Salem ( Lincoln was not deterred from his goal of becoming a member of the Illinois legislature, and in 1834 was elected. At this time John Todd Stuart, the leader of the Whig party, noticed Lincoln’s skill

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