Response Essay to the Hand and 55 Miles to the Gas Pump

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Response Essay to The Hand and 55 Miles …
55 Miles to the Gas Pump and The Hand were two, great short stories, that viewed two types of caring and concern for ones partner and their relationship. In 55 Miles, the author showed the life of two partners whom were married, but the husband lived a secret life. In The Hand, the author portrayed the love between 2 newlyweds and how the wife is adapting to her husband’s creepy hand. Both stories show how the partner adapts to one another’s flaws. But if the stories were longer, I’m sure there are a few more parts in the story that were left out, to be told.
First, 55 Miles to the Gas Pump. This story is about a rancher and his wife, who have been married for over twelve years. It starts off
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She goes more in depth on how she feels about the hand in the story. I feel that in this story, The Hand, the author, if would have wrote a longer version of this story, would have went into further detail about how this woman fell so deeply in love with this guy after one month. “Too excited also, and often surprised by her new state. It had been only two weeks since she had began to live the scandalous life of a newlywed who tastes the joys of living with someone unknown and with whom she is in love. To meet a handsome, blond young man, recently widowed, good at tennis and rowing, to marry him a month later: her conjugal adventure had been little more than a kidnapping.” (181.) The author, at this point, would have shared with us what this stranger said, or has done to the woman to make her fall so deeply in love with him. Another thing that was missing is how she is just becoming aware of the features of his hand. “And I've kissed that hand!...How horrible! Haven't I ever looked at it?" (183.) In an extensive version of the story, the author would tell why she all of a sudden notices his flaws. Moreover, the author mite add her past relationship and how she adapted to the last man she was with.
The hand and 55 Miles to the Gas Pump were pretty good short stories that kept my mind alert. These stories had great meaning and symbolism behind them. They also illustrated other aspects of life that I haven’t noticed before reading these pieces. In conclusion, there

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