Response To Intervention Case Study

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1. Summarize the intent of the framework: The Response to intervention framework is intended to benefit teaching as well as learning. The essential mission of the context and Response to Intervention is to allow districts to give all students opportunities to learn at high levels and to provide the support to reach goals set. The special education guidelines have been approved by The Tennessee State board of Education in terms of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs). The model is set up to give struggling students an alternative from going straight into special education. The Tennessee Department of Education dedicated many professional development opportunities to insure all districts were informed and ready for the changes with the commitment to generate a RTI program that works statewide that is strong, reliable, and simple to follow. Students will be given the chance to receive early intervention as an alternative to previous practices implemented.

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What is the role of public education? The part the public educations system is to arrange every student to succeed after the completion of high school. The Tennessee Department of Education trusts that the RTI framework is the path needed to make these changes happen. The framework was made using the Tennessee State Standards, assessment, early intervention and accountability for students that are high risk with the intent of knowing that students of all abilities have the capabilities of

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