Responses to Arguments against the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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Lowering drinking age has been one of the most controversial issues. It’s no secret that Americans drinks alcohol before the age of twenty-one. American’s does many other things under the age of twenty-one, but why alcohol the most talked about? The drinking age should be lowered to a younger age due to the fact that at age eighteen American’s can vote, join the military, and is considered an adult. “The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen, allowing millions of young people to participate actively in the democratic process and to have a powerful voice in shaping their political future.” Being able to vote is a huge power. Being able to vote gives many Americans the opportunity to say what happens in their …show more content…

They spend most of their time writing letters to their families, doing laundry, making meals, and playing games with other soldiers. If soldiers risk their life fighting for us then why can’t they be old enough to consume alcohol before the age of twenty-one? To conclude, if American’s are old enough at the age of eighteen to fight in battle for our country then American’s are old enough at age eighteen to consume alcohol. “An adult is a person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs.” At age eighteen American’s are responsible for their self. American’s can get jobs, get their license, operate a motor vehicle, marry, enrolled in college, and etc. In addition, at age eighteen, American’s are also allowed to buy cigarettes and tobacco, but not allowed to buy alcohol. What is the difference in being able to buy cigarettes but not allowed to buy alcohol? “Cigarettes cause lung cancer, robs some of your good cholesterol, raises your blood pressure, increases the blood’s clothing, and makes it hard to exercise.” Next, American’s are able to sue or to be sued, open a bank account in his or her own name, serve on a jury, leave home, and even marry or register a civil partnership. How can someone determine when a person is an adult? Someone is considered an adult when their able to make a lifelong decisions, and say what happens

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