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Responsibility Project Introduction For this assignment the video called "RP Roundtable: Civility & Politics" was viewed on the Responsibility Project website. The discussion was centered on the lack of ethics in political campaigning and how political organizations could be more ethical and less hostile to one another. What were the issues in this video and why are they important? The issue in this video involved ethical campaigning, the lack of ethical campaigning, and the loss of civility in American political campaigns; those on the panel were asked to respond to specific questions about campaigning. Before a key and specific question about a campaign strategy was asked of the panel, the moderator, former cable television reporter and anchor John Seigenthaler asked a long-time reporter Major Garrett about the present state of "civil discourse" in U.S. politics. Clearly the tone of Seigenthaler's voice and the question itself set the stage for a discussion about the lack of ethics and the lack of civility in political campaigns. Moreover, Garrett has recently left Fox News for a job with National Journal as a congressional correspondent; Fox News has been criticized by numerous media observers as a biased, pro-Republican source of information and not an objective news outlet. Garrett said civil discourse in the political field is "deteriorating" but not in the sense that the content is deteriorating, but politicians' "assumptions about each other are
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