Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine For The Health Care Organization

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Compliance Officer Response It is often recommended for (HCO)’s to have a corporate compliance plan to be more efficient, reduce errors, and not have small errors turn into large errors. As (OIG) it’s a necessary and fundamental need to incorporate a corporate compliance plan to have for staff and management to stay organized and lessen the chance of fraud, waste, and abuse in the company. Stated by, (Cleverly, Song, & Cleverly, 2011), it is effective only if it includes management support, effective communication, continuous monitoring, and individual accountability. All these aspects are a continual monitoring requirement as long the corporate compliance is in place for the duration. Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine- Question 3: 10 minutes 3.) What important aspects do you find in the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine to be beneficial for the health care organization? Any changes to the (HCO) to be implemented with the use of the Doctrine? The critical aspects in the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine that are beneficial for the health care organization are in many ways. There are provisions that comprise the (RCO) and protect in making the health care organization aware in cases of severe punishment of liability. According to (Clark, 2012), the (RCO) it states that the doctrine has been aggressively used and applied by regulators and prosecutors against businessmen in various administrative, civil, and criminal procedures, and has been described as the

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