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Final Paper – Analysis and Recommendations PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTEGRATIVE PROJECT U10A1 JACK NEIFT TRUCKING CASE FINAL PAPER ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS TS5930 – Project Management Capstone Professor Dr. Eggersman 1 of 30 Final Paper – Analysis and Recommendations 2 of 30 Abstract Jack Neift Trucking is a small, privately held trucking business that is feeling the impact of a slow economy. Although the company has had a history of profitability, their business needs a more modern and dynamic method of managing their resources. The board has expressed an interest in hiring external IT Consultants to manage a project to modernize logistical and operational systems using state-of-the-art technology. This paper…show more content…
Other important recommendations include the need for an effective risk management plan, the need for a plan for assuring legal, ethical and professional compliance, as well as the strategic business alignment approach opportunities, and recommend strategies to plan, execute and control project activities to assure positive outcomes. Final Paper – Analysis and Recommendations 7 of 30 B. Analysis This section provides an analysis of the approach and techniques used by the Jack Neift Trucking Company and the project team to address the business dilemma as portrayed in the Jack Neift Trucking Company Case Study. 1. Business Challenge The company leadership identified key areas of dysfunction that required correction to close the gap between current and desired state. The board of directors believed that the organization lacked sufficient technology – both logistical and information systems – to overcome their challenges. In order to achieve their vision, the company leadership decided to employ outside consultants to manage the project to implement the necessary improvements. Based on a recommendation from company president Bea Stoveburden, IT consultant Laurie Driver and Project Manager Sal Vation


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