Restaurant Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Lorea

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Restaurant Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Lorca
North of Manhattan, a good cup of coffee is hard to come by; the taste is lacking in strength and not much thought is put into its production. Profit-seeking coffee chains like Dunkin Donuts and Donut Delight are widespread and lack in quality. More often than not, coffee is a $3 afterthought of dessert, rather than a delicacy in itself. Lorca cafe, situated in downtown Stamford on Bedford Street, appreciates the artistry and skill that must be employed to brew a decent cup of coffee. Spanish and western-Mediterranean influences are uniform throughout the flavors and venue. The chic, modern atmosphere is equipped with ample power outlets to provide the perfect workplace for the productive …show more content…

Also unique to Lorca are the homemade churros, a traditional Mexican dessert served for those craving a taste not easily found in the States. Layla Dam, owner of Lorca, makes piping hot Churros to order. The fried choux pastry contains butter, water, flour, and eggs with a high moisture content, rather than a raising agent, to puff the pastry. Fresh out of the frier, they are coated with confectioner’s sugar and served with three distinct sauces, including a Mexican inspired chocolate sauce with the perfect balance of sugar and spice. Aside from foreignly imported specialties, locally-baked goods can be enjoyed. Delectable pastries are brought in daily from Wave Hill pastries and breads, a cafe based in Norwalk, CT. Such goods are baked daily, so freshness is guaranteed. Breads and such are not easily preserved, so goods imported from locally-based bakeries provide the consumer with all-natural, fresh, and enjoyable gourmet options. Natural sweeteners are displayed on a bar in the restaurant, stressing the importance of natural and organic options as opposed to organic chemicals. Aside from the food and drink, the name of the cafe is also of Spanish influence. Entrepreneur and owner Layla Dam was born in Granada, Spain, the same city that poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca was born in. Lorca served a symbol of peace and quality, adding to the tranquility of the restaurant. Furthermore, food and drink are served in small portion sizes, characteristic of quaint

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