Restraints And Expectations Of A Prototype Speaker

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The purpose of this brief is to inform the students the restraints and expectations of the prototype speaker.For the design to be successful, it must be able to amplify the sound from a smart phone while still being able to be used while in the device. The design must consist of at least one net shape and be made of sheet metal. To achieve the best feedback, research needs to be conducted on how sound reverberates, the best shape to amplify it acoustically by at least 4 decibels and what type of sheet metal works best.The restrictions placed upon the design by the workshop staff are that the only machines to be used are the Magna-bender, Pan brake, spot welding, pot rivets, sand blasting, oxy brazing and soft soldering.The restrictions …show more content…

They claim that Aluminium has one of the fastest rates for sound traveling through the material at 6,320 meters per second (Allan, 2017). This is considerably fast compared to copper which only travels at 4,600 meters per second. The material is denser than Aluminium but still is flexible enough for it to be effective in conducting sound. When applying this knowledge Fletcher’s work on musical instruments provides insight to the into what metals are favored by musicians in amplifying their sound. (reference). The author discusses the history of music and begins to focus on the timeline of how music instruments evolved. When instruments were first created wood was used as it was the only material available that was compatible with amplifying sound. After the discovery of metals, the Author notes how humans experimented with the effects metal had on the application of instruments and found that pure metals were incompatible with their goal. This lead to experimentation and discovery of metal alloys. Two alloys that became a staple in the history of music were brass and bronze, brass, a combination of 60% copper and 40% zinc and bronze a combination of 88% copper and 12% tin. Bronze was favored for large instruments such as church bells while brass was used mainly for percussion. By using these studies, the best choice theocratically would be brass or Aluminium but one other factor still needs to be

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