Revealing The Dystopia Of Brave New World

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Revealing The Dystopia Of Brave New World Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World reflects the fallacies of utopian happiness when a totalitarian government artificially controls a society. Controllers of the “World State” in Brave New World strategically allow their citizens to use designer drugs, mainly Soma, to create an unintelligent and unquestioning population that is segregated into five different social classes. However, there are some rebels in the midst of the World State that don’t stand true to their government’s laws. Moderation is almost unheard of in Brave New World. Soma, intensely pleasurably yet numbing to the mind, is the Brave New World version of drinking soda. Everyone does it. “The soma habit was not a private vice but a public institution” (Bowering 70). The controllers of the world state researched the drug for six years, until soma was finally produced. No instant side effects are caused, although the over use of the drug can result in a shortened life span of around forty-to-fifty years. This drug is used to the advantages of the Controllers. Mustapha Mond, the lead Controller of the World State in Brave New World, is one of the largest proponents in the embracement of Huxley’s Fordist ideas (Brander 76). While he does read Shakespeare and thinking individually, he still leads the world to believe that true happiness is found in the middle of a Soma tablet (Bloom 23). This mentality is visible among almost all of the citizens in Brave New
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