Revelation Is The Act And The Result Of God

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Definition of Revelation (in Bibliology)
Revelation is the act and the result of God by which HE communicates to man the truth concerning Himself in relation to His creatures, and conveys to man the knowledge of His will. It includes general revelation and special revelation.
God has given His revelation progressively concerning Himself and His will in a variety of forms and media (Heb.1:1). The special revelation is recorded in the Old and New Testaments.
The Sources of General Revelation
1) Nature-creation and providence (Ps. 8:3-4, 19:1-4; Acts 14:17)
2) Conscience within man (Rom. 2:15)
3) Man created bearing the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26; Rom. 1:19; Ps. 139:14)
4) Human reasoning ability and the existence of human authority (Rom. 13:2)
5) General religious experience
The significance of General Revelation for those without Special Revelation
1) It explains why man is religious and builds a bridge to share the gospel.
2) It renders him without excuse when facing the judgment (Rom. 1:20).
3) It brings him to consciousness of sin and his need of Christ and thus brings him toward Christ.
The Relationship between the Living Word and the Written Word
1) Both of the Living Word and the Written Word are necessary for our salvation and sanctification. The Special Revelation is to lead us to Christ (Luke 24:25-27; John 5:39-40). We (after AD. 2 Century) can only know Christ through the Scriptures (John 20:31). It is impossible to truly study the Scriptures without

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