Review : Continuous Improvement Cycle

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Marsha: 1. Review the Continuous Improvement Cycle (PDCA) discussed on pages 140-141 of the Kelly text. Provide an example of an application of this process to your own organization, either how it is applied, or what an application might look like. Be sure to include a discussion of the challenges to implementing this approach, as well as what the benefits would be. I would like to provide an example of what it would have looked like had the owner utilizes the Continuous Improvement Cycle when looking to increase the number of patients that receive his or her medical treatment at our facility. According to Kelly (2011), there are four steps that must be executed and they are “plan, do, check or study, and act” (p. 141). The first step that would have been determining how to increase our patient load being that two medical facilities located a short distance away are closing and the projected major hospital building a new medical office a mile away from us. After recognizing the chance, a plan needs to be drafted. Every area of this change needs to be examined including every possible problem that may arise not only during the planning phase but also once implemented. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all employees are aware and involved in the entire process. Collecting ideas/recommendations from employees may possibly contribute to averting preventable oversights. The next step involves executing a smaller version of the proposal. The owner should have
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