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Robert Mitchell Russell
History of European civilizations
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Benvenuto Cellini

Benvenuto Cellini was born on November 3rd in the year 1500 in Florence, Italy. His father was Giovanni Cellini and his mother was Marisa Lisabetta Granacci. The time period Cellini was born is considered to be the beginning of the Cinquecento period of the arts in Italy. By the end of Cellini’s life he was successful in many aspects of cinquecento arts. This paper gives highlights on Cellini’s life as a whole including descriptive examples of his various art works.(Cellini 128) The cinquecento period in which Cellini was born references the 16th century as a period of Italian art, architecture, or literature, with a reversion to classical forms. This is significant because it gives you greater understanding of some of the cultural influences Cellini would have been subjected to in Italy as he grew up.(O’Brien) Its possible that this influence helped to lead him to be one of the prominent mannerist artist. Another culturally significant factor of the time is that Cellini lived his life in the era of Italy being ruled by kings as the Roman Empire had dissipated and been split into the Eastern and Western Empires. The Western Empire fell in 476 when the barbarian chieftain Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustus and didn’t take the title of emperor.(O’Brien) Cellini’s father was a musician and wanted Cellini to pursue a career in music but at the age of fifteen Cellini

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