Review Of ' Body And Soul ' Essay

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Book Review of Body and Soul Body and Soul is a book about the Black Panther Party and their struggle for social justice against medical discrimination. The party used many tactics to reshape health politics, create equality in the healthcare field, and to reduce poor health in African Americans. The origin of the Party had an influence on their ideas and also emerged new ideas. The Party created new healthcare facilities and educational institutions to decrease medical discrimination. The Black Panther Party also attempted to demystify medical authority through the upbringing of the People’s Free Medical Clinics. They created campaigns in order to publicize different diseases to help prevent them as well as educate people. They fought against research groups to stop the medicalization of issues, including violence, that were the cause of sociological factors. They fought to desegregate the healthcare facilities and bring equality into the healthcare field. In this book review I will discuss the summary of each chapter, the connections that were made between the book and our class, Health, Biomedicine, and Society, an evaluation of the book, and lastly a conclusion that sums up the book and my recommendation of Body and Soul to other students. Chapter Summaries To begin, I will first discuss the summaries of each chapter. In Chapter one, the Black Panther Party used Politics of Knowledge, Institution Building, and Integrationism to reshape health politics. The Politics
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