Review Of Corporate Responsibility Research

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1. Corporate Responsibility Research :- Past—Present—Future(june 2015) 1. Abby Ghobadian 2. Kevin Money 3. Carola Hillenbrand Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK Carola Hillenbrand, Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames, Greenlands, RG9 3AU, Oxfordshire, UK. ABSTRACT The concept of corporate responsibility (CR) has moved a long way over the past six decades, since Bowen’s book titled Social Responsibilities of the Businessman marked a modern era of business and society research. In this article, we trace the development of business and society literature to provide contextual background to contemporary studies of CR. As well as looking backward, however, we also project forward arguing that fundamental changes …show more content…

The institutional theory stated that corporate social activities are not only voluntary activities but it is a part of interface between business and society. Regulation/ governance are necessary for enhancing the corporate performance of businesses through CSR. The theory also suggested that in what form companies should take its social responsibilities whether historical, political or legal form. 4. Agunis, glovas (2012), Paper entitled “what we know and don‟t know about corporate social responsibility: A review and research agenda” in Journal of management, based on 588 journal articles and 102 books. The study provided a framework of CSR actions which affects external as well as internal stakeholders and outcomes of such actions. The paper also enhanced the knowledge regarding levels, forms of CSR; need to understand CSR with outcomes etc. further the researcher also suggested a framework of research design, data analysis and measurement for future research of CSR. 5. Mallen (2012), In this article the researcher depicted that how the trends of CSR have changed from last so many years. This change has affected both the society and business. The researcher explained three basic things about the changes in trend. These are: • Firstly, the relationship between business and society has changed. This is happening because of social and environmental problem around the world. Because of these conditions, business and society came

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