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Go phonics curriculum review Part one : In level four first six lesson talk about r controlled vowel and the rest talk about l control vowels and Le control. For r control vowels the letter r controlled most always change the phonemes of the vowel. The vowel is followed by an L most always the vowel like a will change from short to the o sound. For the Le is mainly at the end in multi- syllables, words where the e is silent. For the letter y it is I friend so it will make the phoneme I or e. Then when teachers are teaching the lesson's teacher need to make sure to use the advice from getting started like giving detail instruction. Also, check to make sure the student is holding their pencil correctly and form the letter from top to bottom …show more content…

This lesson has also taught consonant sound with their 2 sound like c for /s/ or g for /j/. Also, unaccented syllables most always have the Schwa sound which causes the vowel say short /u/. I like when the teacher and the student do a read aloud about the farm and then exit into the creative writing step. For the creative writing step I like how the teacher is supposed to ask have any of you ever been to the farm. That is a neat way to get the student interested in subjects and make connections. This a great way to get students involved before reading a book or write a story, it also shows the student different view or experiences from their classmate's about visiting a farm. It's an outstanding way to cause students to use their sensory and their emotional recall. Have the student write a few things they did or saw. Part three : Teacher should teach the creative writing proccess . In the text introduces a brief explanation on why is important. Creative writing is important to have students learn because it facilitates the student understand their own experience. It also facilitates the class get a deeper understanding of their peers experience and make connections. Creative write help teach the student basic skills and technique that will help gain student confidences and broaden their fundamentals and interest in writing. Creative writing makes the child used their brain by applying critical thinking. This helps the student enlarged their writing skills

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