Review Of ' Howl 's Moving Castle '

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Hayao Miyazaki is known for his animated works of art, but two, in particular, are more popular than the rest. Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away are both moving, feel-good, fantasy movies with quite the following behind them, but Howl’s Moving Castle shows more character development on both the protagonist and antagonist side, sold more at the box office in the United States, and has a more compelling storyline. Howl’s Moving Castle was originally a book written by Diana Wynne Jones. The book and movie are about a late hat shop owner’s eldest daughter, Sophie, who is working hard to continue the family business. Everything seems normal until she is escorted to her sister’s bakery by the infamous wizard, Howl, who is rumored to eat the souls of girls. After the encounter, she comes across a rich looking woman who enters the store when it is about to close. The woman insults her hats. Sophie then angrily orders her to leave. The woman curses her, turning her into an old woman. The woman turns out to be the Witch of the Waste and tells her to send her regards to Howl. Thus, Sophie’s journey to break the curse begins. The movie still follows the book closely and there are still some spots that were improvised or cut out, as a movie adaptation of a book often has. Although the movie is different, Miyazaki 's take is interesting and brings the book to life. Spirited Away is an original movie created by Miyazaki about a little girl named Chihiro who has to move away from

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