Review Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Grit, Mindsets and How They Can Be Used In Othello

Temperature is measured by degrees, blood is measured by milliliters, but how can a

concept like perseverance be measured? It 's been a question that has been asked by many experts

who wonder about the differences of tenacity and stamina in people and why is it so. Angela

Duckworth was a psychology professor who calculated a theory to organize this concept into a

neat word: “grit”.

Grit varies between person to person. It is a concept that can be used to calculate how far

are people willing to go for a task and why. The following statement, “She [Duckworth] defines

grit as ‘sticking with things over the very long term
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Rather than the constant climbing through life, a person with a fixed mindset seems

to find a good amount of cliffs along the way. It is not because the person is unable to do the

same accomplishments as one with a growth mindset, but because they feel discouraged to

continue with they face failure. A person with a fixed mindset has “urgency”, meaning that they

are anxious to get things done correctly. When they get back an unsatisfactory grade for their

effort, they succumb to stagnation due to the duress of this unexpected occurrence. Simply put, if

they could not do it with excellency in one take, they will never get to do it.

The concepts on grit and mindsets can be used to define a person 's character as well as a

character from literature. Othello is a riveting tragedy written by Shakespeare that features a cast

of characters with different personalities that lead to their ultimate demise or an unfortunate end

(as tragedies go). Characters such as Cassio and Roderigo display a fixed mindset due to their

inaction and reaction to failure. Meanwhile, characters like Iago and Othello showcase a growth

mindset because of their prioritization and endurance on certain tasks. Through this, the

characters in the play can be psychoanalyzed and divided by concepts that can properly explain

their actions.

Cassio is the
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