Review Of ' The Great Warrior '

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Exploration, Encounter & Exchange; Review of Literature for Sparta
Spartans and Athenians did not necessarily get along, therefore they fought a lot. Athens and Sparta were both greek city-states. Their power rivaled each other therefore causing some friction. Athen’s rise to power was through democracy and philosophy and the Spartan’s despised every bit of it. Only because they rose to power through war and fear. The Athenians believed that they were the descendants of Athena. The Spartan’s were believed to be descendants of the Dorians. The leadership in both places were majorly different for instance, the Spartan’s had ‘two kings” but they were actually the high ranking generals that were considered loyalty. The Athenians had the council of 500 to make rules, therefore having one of the first democracy’s. The great warrior history sparta has left behind will always be known with the great leonidas as the general because of his leadership and passion he put into training his men for the 300’s encounters the Spartans were beautiful in their own wicked way on the battlefield. The encounter part of the essay will be about the Peloponnesian war. The twenty-seven years of the war form a complicated web of shifting alliances and differing fortunes for the two main city states, Sparta and Athens, with a high level of Non- respect and brutality as an accepted normality.
The underlying pattern of hostilities is a basic routine based on two non-changeable facts: a Spartan army is…
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