Review Of ' The Roses '

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Tony hadn’t found a way to monitor Loki´s entrances yet, but he could pinpoint them from the appearances of the roses, so talking as if he was listening was Thor´s only plan, he had to talk to Loki once more.
As Jarvis quietly indicated to Thor that a rose had appeared, he spoke up –She’s un-well brother, we need to talk. Meet me on the rooftop of the building where we talked last, it’s important.- Thor stayed for a couple more minutes, looking at Leah with concern, fortunately the fever hadn’t gone up, it seemed to be maintaining. Before he left, he called Tony who was examining more samples to take his place.
- Are you sure of this Thor?-he asked as he arrived to Leah’s room.
-As you said, they both seem to be miserable without the …show more content…

-She’s not a normal inhabitant.-Loki interrupted him.
-No, she is not, it never occurred to any of us to have a blood supply for her, and she has a rare blood type AB-, none of us were a compatible match except for the Captain.-Thor continued
-The soldier? - Loki looked concerned.
-Yes, what do you know of the super soldier serum? - Thor asked Loki
-Enough to know it is not to be played with. - Loki dryly answered
-They had to do something, she was dying, there was no other choice. For a while she seemed to be all right, that somehow his blood had only helped to keep her alive without any side effects, that until this morning. You didn’t scry for her today?-Thor asked, hoping he wouldn’t have to explain everything to Loki
-Sadly no, even a simple spell like that is difficult for me at this moment.-Loki looked down as he sighed
-Her transformation triggered, the Captain’s recollection of it in his own words is excruciatingly painful, but in his case it only lasted a couple of minutes, her change is too slow but it seems equally painful.-he added with a grim look in his face.
-What?-Loki paled even more at his words –You mean she’s in pain right now? Can’t you do something to help her?-
-She was sedated the moment it started, Dr. Banner explained to me that her body is in pain, but her mind is not around to register it, and we’ll keep her that way until the change is finished.-Thor explained
-So, that’s why she looks so agitated, I thought it was

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