Review Questions: What Is Anticipatory Socialization?

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Review Questions 1. What is socialization and why is it important for humans? Socialization is the process through which people learn about the language, norms, values, and behaviors that are accepted in society. Socialization is important for humans because it contributes to our personality and helps us become better members of society. 2. What is anticipatory socialization? What is one example of this? Anticipatory socialization is when a person studies for a new role, job, or relationship. They study this new social position to understand the expected norms, beliefs, and behaviors. For example, a child is getting transferred from a public school to a private school. She goes on the school's website a week before classes start …show more content…

nurture debate is subject to whether our behaviors. Personality, and characteristics are die to our biological make up or our environment. I believe that nature has a greater influence on humans. Socializing and learning from the environment around you contributes to our personalities, characteristic, and what behaviors are accepted in a society. 2. Which of the agents of socialization do you think is most important to teaching culture? Why? I believe that the agent of socialization that is most important to teaching culture is family. I believe this because it is one of the first interactions a child will have. The interactions that parents and siblings have with a child can develop their social skills, teach them responsibility, and set their gender roles. 3. Discuss one way that your family helped to socialize you to your culture’s norms or values. Who was involved? What did you learn? One way my family helped me socialize to my culture's norms was through gender roles. Ever since I was little, I was taught the proper behaviors, roles, and activities that young girls do. My parents, siblings, and extended family were involved. I learned that you should not shout in public, to always clean up after yourself, and that dressing up is a good way to express

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