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  • The King Of The Queen

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    Once upon a time in a kingdom far away there lived a king and Queen who wanted a child of their own. The next day there was a miracle, the Queen was going to have a baby but the Queen was too ill to have the baby. The King was worried that his wife will pass so will the baby if he don 't do something about it. The King ordered the maids to watch over his wife while he looked for a cure for her illness in the kingdom. He got a group of soldiers that same day to find a cure for his wife to get better

  • The Evil Queen

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    Evil Queen’s men Ruby had dedicated all her time to hunting the Evil Queen down. It had been a hard mission, the one that resulted in Quinn’s death. They had been forced to team up with Snow White and Charming. Ruby had never heard stupider call signs, but apparently they had selected them after their first mission in which they had run into the Evil Queen. It was an equally stupid moniker in Ruby’s opinion, but the Evil Queen had coined it first. Right before everyone else, criminals and agents

  • The Queens Visit

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    The Queens Visit The dungeon was a miserable place. Light was scarce and flickered from the torches bolted to the cobblestone walls. Foul smelling water dripped inside from the moat circling the palace above. Large rats chased each other across the floor searching for food. This was no place for a queen. It was just past midnight and all was quiet except for the occasional movement of a chain. Through the heavy silence, a single set of footsteps echoed throughout the halls as someone climbed

  • History & Memory - the Queen

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    Advanced English - Essay Explore How 'The Queen' & Two Other Related Texts Of Your Own Choosing Represent History & Memory In Unique & Evocative Ways History consists of what is known, remembered and recorded about the past in as objective a way as possible. Memory can be a fragmented yet still valid perspective on the past which enables History to fill in the gaps. The concepts of History & Memory are featured in the texts, 'The Queen', a film directed by Stephen Frears, 'Kurt Cobain's Suicide

  • The Band, Queen Essay

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    The Band, Queen In early 1970 the band Queen was formed. Freddie Mercury on vocals, Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums and Mike Gross on bass. They had known each other for years. All living in the town of Kensington in Britain, sometimes even living together. Brian and Roger belonged to a band called Smile, and Freddie was a very talented vocalsit playing for the band Ibex. They decided to join forces, to better themselves, and their chances of obtaining fame and fortune. After

  • Queen Cecily's Leadership Style

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    fine gems. Instead, Queen Cecily, a plain looking, twelve year old girl, sat hunched in the straight-backed chair, not

  • Crime in a queens neighborhood Essay

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    Crime and Drugs in South Ozone Park I’ve lived in South Ozone Park, Queens for three years and throughout those three years my family and I have overall good remarks. South Ozone Park used to be a predominant Italian neighborhood, but over the years a lot of Guyanese individuals have occupied residency here, so that’s mainly the type of people you see in this neighborhood. There are of course plenty of people from other backgrounds; the whole area of South Ozone Park is pretty diverse. Italians

  • Summary Of The Queen ':The Bloody Queens'

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    “The Bloody Queens” Evil, corruption, power, and hate. Only the biggest hypocrites could pull off such a deceitful time where they made each other suffer. Where they saw the climax of their life flash before their eyes... Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary of Scots had just figured out they were cousins when the time for their tremendous lust for the crown begun and the fight between each other started behind a desk... Where lifting a hand could lead to a vicious murder that ended the feud between

  • How Did Queen Have Influence The Influence On Queen And Mercury's Influence

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    Queen and Freddie Mercury’s Importance and Influence on Artists Queen is an iconic rock band from the 70’s whose influence transcends genres and continues to inspire and affect artists to this day. There are three main reasons that Queen continues to be so influential and well known, even decades after their peak has passed. The first and most obvious reason is Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, and his amazing performances and extraordinary vocal range. The next reason is Queen’s accomplishments

  • Creative Writing: Queen Adelina

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    scared. Her name was Queen Adelina of France. The queen’s long blonde hair swayed from side to side as she walked to the window sill of the castle’s turret. She gazed over the great town of Alsace. In the distance, Queen Adelina noticed a black horse wandering among the vast planes. The queen was pacing around the turret, biting her fingernails. She peered down to the grand doors of the great castle of Alsace. Two stiff guards were standing at the door with a bow and arrow. Queen Adelina walked over