Review of Legal Systems Essay

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The legal system is a system developed to control the operation of a country’s regulatory, governmental and judicial authority who they supervise and impose the laws and regulations of the country. The legal systems that I choose to briefly review is my home country’s and in particular the Greek (Hellenic) legal system compared to the legal system of the United States of America (USA). I choose the above systems due to their differences and one similarity that they have.

The Greek legal system resides to the civil law tradition and it has been influenced by the Roman and Byzantine law (Blakesley, 1991) together with the modern civil law of the German state. The modern Greek law was established and evolved from the beginning of the Hellenic state on 1830 after the successful outcome of the independence war fought against the Turks on 1821. The vital element for Greek law is the distinction between private and public law (Tassopoulos, n.d.).

All the applicable Greek laws are codified in different codes. The only exemption is the administrative law (WUni, n.d.). According to Tassopoulos (n.d.) the most essential codifications of the Greek law is the civil code, code of civil procedure, code of the law trimune, code of criminal procedure and penal code.

Since the Greek (Hellenic) legal system belongs to the civil law tradition it does not have any common law reference and judicial precedent, therefore all legal cases must be addressed against a…

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