Review of the Movie Rob Marshall´s Chicago Essay

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Chicago Review Rob Marshall’s Chicago is an adaptation of Maurine Watkins 1926 musical of the same name. The story took place in the roaring 20’s based on the concept of femme fatale and commercialized criminals. The plot of the movie revolves around ambition and the fickle nature of fame, and breaks the boundaries of stereotypical musicals in its unique theatricality and stagecraft. The success in the cinematic, theatrical, and editing elements aid in the creation of wonderful movie that is Chicago. To analyze a film requires the understanding of the setting, characters, and plot. The setting of the movie is in Chicago, hence the name of the film, during the 1920’s era where flappers and burlesque were becoming increasingly popular. …show more content…

The film consisted of various streams of changing shots. As the set was in Chicago, the costumes designed took that setting into account to create realistic clothing for the characters portraying people of the 1920’s. The utilization of the many costumes of the actors allowed them to transform their characters during shooting. The characters in the movie stood out because a reflection of their attitude and emotion was shown in their costume and makeup. The lighting and sound of this movie also accentuated the acting, as well. With the loud, attention-grabbing music during Velma Kelly’s performances to the soft, innocent performances of Ms. Roxie Hart. During Velma’s performances, there was a lot of dramatic lighting giving the allusion of a spotlight at all times, however, during Roxie’s performances, there was a less dramatic tone to them. The elements of theatrics used in this film illustrated the story’s burlesque style performances to its highest potential. The editing of Chicago uniquely set this film apart from other films of the musical genre. The characters never stopped their actions to break into song as many other musicals do, the musical numbers used in Chicago are generally the daydreams or the backstory for a specific character. This film utilizes editing by creating the illusion of the expansion and compression of time. This is created by expending flash cuts, which are short machine-gun bursts of images crammed together to

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