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President Development Centre or usually shortened as PDC is a facility prepared by President University Education Foundation (PUEF) that as his name has shown, provides place for people to develop themselves. This centre of development was started around four years ago, with only five classes in one store and language lessons prepared for the students who want to learn about languages. With twenty five tutors, a director and four employers (two staffs and two office boys), PDC has developed quite a lot in its years, where PDC already has fifteen classes in three stores and has nothing more than only languages lessons. The services now available aside from language lessons are IT lessons, D1 for secretary and public relations, D3 for …show more content…

This package will be filled with lessons like business mathematics and accounting. It is being planned to be available around next year for the President University students who are having difficulties in their lectures. The employers in President Development Centre are quite interested in this planning since they have been asked by the students, especially the freshmen about lesson package for accounting.
President Development Centre would like to be “one of the best and known training centres in Indonesia that fulfils the need of companies and society in increasing the human resources quality to be the educated, skilled and trained”, as stated in its vision. And its mission is “professional, trusted and keep trying to be the best.” That is why President Development Centre has many students, whether they are from President University or the people from other places and other cities who have heard about their quality.
President Development Centre uses principles of management to get to where it nature is right now and to get it where it wants to be in the future. Those principles are Division of Work, Planning, Controlling and Continuous Quality Improvement. The explanations below will explain further about the principles of managements which have been mentioned before.
Division of Work means that works should be divided among the employees,

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