Revolutionary War Causes

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Causes of the Revolutionary War

“We fight, get beat, rise and fight again!” -General Nathanael Greene 1781. There is always a cause behind a fight, a war, a movement. The American soldiers had been beaten down but always got back up for their freedom. For the Revolutionary war, there is many causes, from unjust acts to massacres, these are the causes of The Revolutionary War.
When the colonists first settled, problems began. The colonists felt like they needed more land. In 1607, there were about 100 people that lived in America. By 1650 there were around 50,000 people. In 1750 there over a million people that lived in the thirteen colonies. They were running out of land and decided to move into the Ohio Valley. During this time the French and Indian people occupied this land. As more and more colonists migrated across the Appalachian Mountains, the tension grew. This turned into the French and Indian war. During this war, George Washington was trying to earn his spot as a well looked upon and respected soldier. He was part of the militia with many other colonists. After their leader, General Braddock died, George worked his way up to become a successful leader. The turning point of this war happened when British troops took Canada. Because of this, the British and the French signed a peace treaty or the Treaty of France, declaring that France would give their land in Canada to the British. Though it seemed as if the colonists had won the war, they were faced with new

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