Rhetoric And Its Impact On Politics

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Rhetoric Is Being Misused In Politics
Philosophers, such as Plato, Gorgias, Aristotle, had always been debating about rhetoric’s definition. However, commonly, they agree that it is a very strong and effective art, in which aiming for persuasion. Throughout the history, rhetoric has always been in a strong relation with politics. Politics is a very vague and furious world however, most people approach in order to better demonstrate a balanced social community thus a balanced country. Despite all the great usefulness that politics provide, the bad practices and Ideals of it has always led; globally and internationally, to fierce conflicts. These conflicts are also a result of the strong competitions between politicians over two main objects: power and money. It is agreed upon by philosophers that rhetoric benefits human greatly and in different ways, however, it is mostly used in politics as a tool in which serves one’s, Party’s, or group’s interests. The US 2016 Presidential Campaign, is a strong example in which shows how some Candidates misuse rhetoric aiming to win the competition and serve their personal interests. The United Stated of America has a long history with political rhetoric, with different types and modes. “The transformation of partisan rhetoric in America presidential campaigns.1952-2012,” is an article by: Jesse H Rhodes, an Associate Professor in the Department of Political…
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