Rhetoric Reflection Paper

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For the first several lectures in ENGL 1301, we discussed the importance of rhetorical appeals and went in depth about what each one means. If logos, ethos, or pathos appeals are used effectively, a writer can sway audiences to either accept or consider their opinion on many different matters. Such appeals can be used to successfully join a discourse community, which is what I am writing about in this paper, and how I will join many others in the future. High school band is one of the biggest discourse communities as well as the most written about. Generic as it is since it fits the criteria of a typical discourse community (e.g. group of people who share knowledge of the same topic, common ways of communicating, etc…), I feel most passionate writing about it since it’s the one I’ve stayed in the longest and had the most experience with. In writing this paper I will show that I have mastered these appeals with my joining of the marching band community, and give my instructor and classmates an opportunity to get to know me better.

I had already been a clarinet player three years prior from joining marching band, so I had to use my credibility as a competent player to show my directors that I could be trusted with the higher level music being given and anything else they throw at me. The directors decision to move me up to the advanced band class and had me learn …show more content…

Learning these appeals in this particular discourse community helped me effectively join a couple other communities as well as getting used to the dorm life in UTA. Applying each appeal to all kinds of situations I’ve encountered has helped me practice using them, and develop a firmer grasp of rhetoric to ease my transition as a non-member into a full-fledged member of any discourse community that I’d like to become a part of in the

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