Rhetorical Analysis For Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Rhetorical Analysis for Guardians of the Galaxy In the movie trailer Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill steals a strange orb. He doesn’t realize it contains the power to destroy the universe. After a few fights and arguments a group of strangers who now call themselves the guardians of the galaxy must defeat the evil war lord Ronan and protect the universe. This movie directed by James Gunn may have been the highest grossing movie of 2014. This movie stars actors such as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, who seemingly gave this movie the look and feel the audience desired. There were several movie trailers that released prior to this movie hitting theaters. The trailers begin with Chris Pratt (Star Lord) walking into what looks like a deserted Temple and collecting this beautiful floating orb. After grabbing the orb Star Lord is confronted by several men who were on guard and is told to put the orb down. After comically introducing himself to the outsiders he disarms them and gets away with the orb. This action packed trailer shows a group of misfits and criminals having to work together, to save the Galaxy. This diverse team has to battle convicts, villians, and space aliens in an attempt to defeat Ronan the Accuser and save all of the less fortunate planets. Between the highly popular array of songs from the 70’s, and the stunning graphics and creations on the set, you are bound to step into a new world. This movie being part of
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