Rhetorical Analysis Of Assata Shakur's To My People

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In “To My People”, a speech by Assata Shakur, a former member of the Black Liberation Army, explains her frustrations and disappointments on how African Americans were treated and more importantly how she was treated by white authorities in the US. Her story is that she was stopped on the turnpike because of a traffic violation in 1973 in New Jersey by Trooper Foerster. During this traffic stop, Shakur was accused of shooting and killing Trooper Foerster with his own gun. Shakur was soon convicted of first degree murder and quickly fled to Cuba. While in Cuba, she wrote and delivered a speech targeted towards her “brothers and sisters” about how unfair African Americans had been treated in the United States. Assata Shakur in this speech utilized a variety of rhetorical devices to emphasize her frustrations with the accusations by the hypocritical US authorities. Shakur believe that the United States government was extremely fraud given how the government treated African Americans. Assata makes an attempt to deliberate her discontent. The author uses parallel structure to correlate and emphasize how the system was hypocritical throughout history. She claims how untrustworthy they are, constantly destroying the system. By using the words “they called us...”, the government continued to condemn African Americans which created a negative image of black people overall. By using this rhetorical method, it helps you comprehend the structure of the speech and it creates a

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